Selection of Your Insurance Provider

With the independent nature of Westwood and staff, we understand the very essence of ‘work when there is work to be done’ and to relax and enjoy the proceeds of your hard work when work is complete.

There are times however when the unexpected occurs and relaxation is disrupted. Whilst there is not always a ‘quick fix’ to resolving all disruption, where possible Westwood will be there to assist.

Westwood staff will not only advise, prepare and provide suitable insurance cover to protect your home assets, but will be there to attend to your needs should a loss or damage arise. Our goal being to minimize the effect of the disruption on you as efficiently and as quickly as possible and allow you once again to enjoy the well deserved relaxation you work so hard to achieve.

Primary Insurance Cover Provided

Whilst your insurance requirements may be tailor made and vary from person to person, the primary insurance cover under this section may include:

  • Household Contents (at and/or away from home)
  • Home/Dwelling
  • Computers
  • Personal Liability
  • Motor Vehicles (including Roadside Assistance)
  • Watercraft
  • Personal Accident
  • Travel